Bettina delle Dodici Querce


Our corgi Bet is the one having the natural bobtail gene, a dominant gene which will allow to have litters including natural bobtail puppies. Moreover, she comes from excellent English, Irish, Swedish and American bloodlines.

Bet is usually very attentive and obedient, but when she decides she wants to do something she simply goes for it: once the mischief is done she comes to me happy and satisfied as if to say “Yeah I know I shouldn’t have done that, but I did it anyway”. Simply IRRESISTIBLE!!!!!!!

Bet has a beautiful body structure, she is well angulated and has an excellent dorsal. Her head and expression are amazing and she is very sweet and outgoing both with people and other dogs. We really wanted a dog like Bet and we believe she will definitely improve the standards of our kennels. Needless to say, she is my husband Alfredo’s girl!

  • Colour Red and White
  • Tail Natural Bobtail
  • Dentition full and correct scissor bite
  • Herding test too young
  • Cea-Cataract-Pra CLEAR
  • Leishmaniosi tested CLEAR
  • Breeder Allevamento delle Dodici Querce di Beato Antonio
  • Owner Antoniazzi Elisabetta

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