It Ch. Alba


Tess is our very first corgi. Due to her royal attitude, we say she is our princess. Moreover, we like to say she speaks, vocalising her various needs in an endless range of tones. When

I wake up in the morning and get down the stairs, feeling sleepy and wishing I could stay at home rather than having to go to work, I always hear her typical goodmorning “yuuuuuuu” and the day turns better all at once. Tess is such a life enthusiast that she infects everybody around her and she passed on such a gift to her children, with a few exceptions though: for instance, while Oliver’s character is very similar to Tess’, Fay has a different temper.

Tess is a lively and attentive dog and she loves rolling toys, even though she tends to be a little possessive with them. She has a beautiful body-structure, with excellent dorsal, vertical, shoulder and neck. She is very communicative with other dogs, as long as they are not too pushy, and very sweet with children, even though she tends to have a reserved attitude.

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