It. Ch But Me No Buts


Fay was born in our kennels, her mother is our Tess. She is beautifully proportioned, thanks to excellent English bloodlines from both of her parents. We nicknamed her “Top Model”, as she always wants to look perfect. She loves being groomed, washed and perfumed and while waiting for her turne to come, she usually stares at me as if to say “hey you, what about me?”

As every real top model, she is very naughty and it is not easy to butter her up…. Here is a little secret: she has to be the first one to be pampered and you have to tell her how beautiful she is (a little snack could help too): IT WORKS!!!!!

She is very sweet and protective towards children and other dogs and she takes care of all of our new entries, Bet first and now Lulù: she loves playing with them, even though she always knock them down as if she were a Sumo fighter, thanks to her strong structure.

Fay’s performance in Expos has always been admirable and she has completed the intermediate level of the Italian Championship in a very short time: we are so proud of our beautiful girl!

She is very sweet with children, never pushing them, but giving them their time to make the first move: she sits and waits for them to pet her. Things completely change when it comes to sheep and hens and her real attitude shows up. When we took part to Soliera Herding test the ram faced her, maybe thinking that she was just a small gentle doggy, but he soon had to change his mind!!! Such a performance almost gained her the highest score of the day in Cant and the judge, Prof. G. Cavalchini was extremely impressed.

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