Double Creek

Welsh Corgi Pembroke and Australian Shepherd Kennel, recognized by ENCI and FCI


About Us

“Never does nature say one thing and wisdom another” (Juvenal)

This is the philosophy we share with the ancients and the way we love to live in this world.

Human beings ask for simple and quick rules to follow: good vs bad, right vs wrong… While nature gives us answers we sometimes struggle to understand and so, the only way to keep going, is to trust its ways.

Learning to watch closely how animals behave when free in their natural environment, is the starting point to fully understand their needs and to appreciate their real essence.

This led us to realize why a dog following the BARF (Bones And Raw Food) nutrition philosophy is likely to be more active and happier and why a shepherd dog can experience herding as the greatest fulfillment as well as enjoy a simple walk in the woods sniffing around, hunting for new exciting smells.

This is the ordinary, everyday life we share with our dogs!

The Beginning

Animals have always been and still are a huge part of our lives.

Going back in time, we could say it all started a couple of weeks after our marriage, with the arrival of our first pure breed dog, Peter: a wonderful Golden Retriever puppy. Before him we had always had rescued crossbred dogs, that we loved with all our hearts and still have a very special place in our memories!

Together with Peter and thanks to the unique support of his breeder, we started our adventure in the world of dog shows and dog training schools, achieving excellent results!

A few years later we decided to move and rent a bigger house in the countryside and thaks to a wonderful person who helped us fulfill our wish, we began to experience the sometimes hard but always joyful country life.

Our house was beautiful, on the riverbank of the Tagliamento river and, in addition to our daily routine, we would help the owner in the management of his trotter horses farm.

That was an amazing period in our lives, for so many reasons: pregnancies, offsprings, foals, breeding, nutrition, … Every day we had the chance to learn something new and to improve our knowledge right on the field. We also loved to spend a few hours riding in that amazing nature together with the beatufil quarter horse Playboy and a huge rapid heavy draft named Igor.


A few years ago we restored a farm house in the open country, in an area of natural springs.

We share our lives with 2 horses, 7 sheep, a cat, 2 geese and a wide selection of fowl, in addition to the beautiful dogs you will see in this site: the Welsh Corgi Pembroke and the Australian Shepherd, the two breeds that just stole our hearts.

Our Kennel is approved by ENCI and FCI and we dedicated this acknowledgment to its location, between Selvata Creek and Molino Creek, from which the name Double Creek.

Did you imagine that…. ?

The detail of the oak leaf in our logo, recalls the marvelous oak tree we found within the walls of our house when we started to restore it.

The Kennel

We are so blessed to be able to live in a natural spring area in the open country, not too far from the beautiful and historical city of San Vito al Tagliamento.

Our dogs spend their days in complete freedom, sharing with us the daily activities that involve taking care of our sheep, horses, hens and geese.

Given the amateur character of our kennel, we based our selection on proven and renowned lines and we do take particular care of their socialization and attitude.

Our main goal is to select the proper mix of conformation and attitude features in order to provide you with an excellent dog.

Our many achievements in shows and herding tests do nothing but confirm our choices in terms of conformation, attitude and love-based relationship with our dogs.