Welsh Corgi Pembroke

Welsh Corgi Pembroke

The Breed


The easiest and funniest way to explain what this amazing breed means to us, is using the   few simple words taken from the beautiful “SEABISCUIT”, a movie about a legendary horse:

“sometimes when the little guy doesn’t know he’s a little guy, he can do great things”.

This is the true essence of being a Welsh Corgi Pembroke: a small dog with a big heart.

This main feature, leads to a perfect combination of many good qualities, such as love, wits, devotion, loyalty and curiosity, entirely dedicated to its human fellow or family. It truly represents the ideal companion.

What has always impressed us most is that it is an extremely versatile dog: just make a kind request and you will see it turning from a “couchpotato” into a lively and atheltic dog. We believe it to be that kind of friend you can ask everything to.

The Welsh Corgi Pembroke belongs to the group 1 breeds, including shepherd and cattle dogs, whose main features are unchanged in this strong an tenacious dog.

There are so many wonderful activities you can do with your Corgi: keep on surfing our site and you will find them out.

Welsh Corgi pembroke,

Double Creek Lime Jam * Lime *

Pemcader Light My Fire x Double Creek Fairy Smile


Lime was born by us (L litter) from our delicious Wallis (Double Creek Fairy Smile) and the beautiful Daddy Jeff (Multi Ch. Pemcader Light My Fire)

Winch copertina-min

Golden Hill Proud Astrid * Winch *

Daredevil's Mr Sandmann from Staken x Daredevil's


Winch is one of Dante’s beautiful daughters

vivian cansiglio-min

Akswell Oliva * Vivian*

Bojojamile Been Wort the Wait x Akswell Dizzy


Vivian was a real love at first sight

Welsh Corgi Pembroke, Double Creek Corgi, Corgi Puppy

Double Creek Quiche Lorraine * Lor *

It. Ch. Double Creek Lime Jam x Multi Ch. Pemcader High Fire


Lor was born from our beautiful Lime (Q litter) in collaboration with our dear friend Nicoletta Pizzutti the nutritionist technician who follows our Kennel. The father is Pemcader High Flyer, a wonderful tricolor subject

kiki copertina-min

Chia Quinoa De Kartenhaus *Quinoa*

Daredevil's Mr Sandmann from Staken x Arpalice Akermann De Kartenhaus


Quinoa is second Dante’s beautiful daughter that we have decided to keep on our kennel

Welsh Corgi Pembroke, Double Creek, Welsh Corgi Puppy,

Daredevil’s Mr Sandman from Staken *Dante*

Greenwood Secret Agent 11 x Daredevil's Holy Moly from Staken


We have always been of the opinion that when we decided to keep a male in our kennel it would have been superlative. It is beautiful after many years to get back into the breeding a male reproducer with exceptional characteristics. Here you are the very nice Dante

Cuccioli Welsh Corgi Pembroke

It. Ch. Pretty Woman For Dragonjoy * Lulla *


Lulla is our stunning and cute as a button black-tri girl! For those into the Corgi universe, her dad’s name is one that needs no introduction: Dragonheart is by all means the Corgi that best represents Italy in Europe.

cuccioli corgi, cuccioli welsh corgi, corgi puppies, corgi puppy

Double Creek Fairy Smile*Wallis*


Wallis is our sweet home bred girl out from F litter . Mom is our sweet Lulla (It. Ch. Pretty Woman for Dragonjoy) and dad is our amazing Oliver (It. Ch By My Side).

Welsh Corgi Pembroke Fay 4

It. Ch But Me No Buts * Fay *


We nicknamed her “Top Model”, as she always wants to look perfect. She loves being groomed, washed and perfumed and while waiting for her turne to come, she usually stares at me as if to say “hey you, what about me?”

Welsh Corgi Pembroke Bet 7

Bettina delle Dodici Querce *Bet*


Our corgi Bet is the one having the natural bobtail gene, a dominant gene which will allow to have litters including natural bobtail puppies. Moreover, she comes from excellent English, Irish, Swedish and American bloodlines.

Welsh Corgi Pembroke Tess 4

It.Ch. Alba *Tess*


Tess is our very first corgi. Due to her royal attitude, we say she is our princess. Moreover, we like to say she speaks, vocalising her various needs in an endless range of tones. 

welsh corgi pembroke

It. Ch. By My Side * Oliver *

It, Rep. Ch. Wharrytons Dennis Potter for Samovar x It.Ch. Alba


Oliver is Fay’s brother. He is the only male of our kennels, though he does not live witl my husband an me. His owner Veronica, together with her grandparents Gianni and Gloria, takes really good care of him.