Double Creek

IDS Ferrara

What a day  !!!!! yesterday  at IDS Ferrara (12 entries, 1 abs) our wonderful Lime “Double Creek Lime Jam ” (Pemcader Light Fire x Double Creek Fairy Smile)  co-owner whit dear friend Nicoletta Pizzutti won in open class 1 exc CAC CACIB and BOS .

Our youngsters at their first experience has been very positive. Duma “Daredevil’s Leave or Love Me from Staken” ( Ginger Elf Bahar x Daredevil’s Good Miss Gracious from Staken)  won 1 place in young class and BOSY.
Our beautiful Dante “Daredevil’s Mr Sandman from Staken ” (Greenwoods Secret Agent 11 x Daredevil’s Holy Moly form Staken)   won second place in young class with  fantastic critique from the Judge. Only one thing to work on then will becom an outstanding boy.
Many many thanks to my crazy Double Creek’s  girls and friends Pizzutti Nicoletta and Martina Fabretto for fantastic time spent together.