Double Creek

Double Creek Kennel

Welsh Corgi Pembroke and Australian Shepherd Kennel
approved by ENCI and FCI

We have been breeding Welsh Corgi Pembroke and Australian Shepherd since 2006, following the rhythms of nature and the love for these two fantastic breeds.
The DoubleCreek breeding farm is located in San Vito del Tagliamento: to reach it you will have to take a stretch of dirt road that will overlook a landscape surrounded by greenery.
Our farm is also our home immersed in the countryside.
We are always waiting for you by appointment.

“Never does nature say one thing and wisdom another”


Welsh Corgi Pembroke ” G ” litter

Puppies are here 🙂 Mom Winch  (Goldenhill Proud Astrid our outstanding Dante’s daughter ) e daddy Ken  (Kent z Piashchotnai Zorki) are so proud to present to the world their wonderful pups. They are 5 girls and 3 boys all...

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Dante became Reproducer Champion

Hot news………… Hot news Our beloved Dante “Daredevil’s Mr Sandman from Staken” (Greenwoods Secret Agent 11 x Daredevil’s Holy Moly from Staken) is now Reproducer Champion . I sincerely thank all the friends who made this wonderful achievement possible and...

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Welsh Corgi Pembroke and Australian Shepherd kennel

Human beings ask for simple and quick rules to follow: good vs bad, right vs wrong… While nature gives us answers we sometimes struggle to understand and so, the only way to keep going, is to trust its ways.

Learning to watch closely how animals behave when free in their natural environment, is the starting point to fully understand their needs and to appreciate their real essence.

This led us to realize why a dog following the BARF (Bones And Raw Food) nutrition philosophy is likely to be more active and happier and why a shepherd dog can experience herding as the greatest fulfillment as well as enjoy a simple walk in the woods sniffing around, hunting for new exciting smells.

This is the ordinary, everyday life we share with our dogs!