Double Creek

Australian Shepherd

“This breed, for us, was love at first sight!”

The Australian Shepherd is an amazing and well-balanced herding dog. As all shepherd breeds, Aussies are extremely loyal to their families and need to be involved in their daily routine.

Aussies are elegant and versatile and can excel in various disciplines (agility, sheepdog, obedience, freestyle), since they are incredibly active and intelligent dogs. They are sweet and devoted dogs, who need to create a strong relationship with their owner.

If you are willing to have that unique feeling with your dog, then the Aussie is the dog for you. Aussies can be a bit shy with strangers, which makes good guardian dogs of them, but they are never aggressive.

We are responsible breeders.



WW Ritzy Girl for Double Creek *Chica*

This wonder of nature came almost two years after the loss of our beloved Pat, a time when we realized that living without this beautiful breed is impossible.


Double Creek Ocean Drive *Page*
WW Ritzy Girl for Double Creek x O’ Scarrafone Made by Patchwork

Page was born to us and is the daughter of our Chica with the beautiful Peppino, litter “O”