Double Creek


WW Ritzy Girl for Double Creek

This natural wonder came almost two years after the loss of our beloved Pat and her daughter Creek. It was a difficult period for us and full of questions during which, however, we realized that, for us, living without this splendid breed is impossible. Chica is there and remembers it every day.

She is an Aussie full of joy and desire to do things, extremely obedient and cuddly. For the first time, I have an Australian who is not wary of strangers in fact it is the exact opposite and those who know her know very well what I mean and I know that reading this sentence can only smile. I confess that I am often embarrassed by the excess of “greetings” to visitors :-))))

She is the daughter of the beautiful Dalì (Multi ch. God ‘s Great Banana Skin – Owner Giada Castellan and Breeder Furlan Marula) a dog that has always struck me for its extraordinary beauty and character, which in turn is the son of the beautiful Harmony Hill’s Notorius a wonderful red merle from the American Harmony Hill breeding. Chica has occasionally been exhibited with excellent results. We are very happy and proud of this crazy girl. What to add except that we are madly in love with her and we will never stop thanking Marula for her trust. Thanks also to Giada for the photos of the beautiful daddy Dalì


Color – Blue Merle tricolor
Tail – Long
Ad – A Celemasche reading center
Ed – Bl Celemasche reading center
Fsa-Sovi visit – November 2015 suitable
CEA – PRA Clear / Normal by Optigen
HSF4 – DM Clear / Normal by Antagene
MDR1 +/- by Antagene
Teeth – complete and correct with scissor bite


07 September 2013 Exp. Nat. of Belluno junior class 1 ° Very Promising
08 September 2013 Exp. Nat. of Treviso juniores 1 ° Very Promising
19 July 2015 Exp. Nat. Piancavallo open class 1st EXC- CAC
13 September 2015 Exp. Nat. of Obala (Slo) open class 1 ° EXC CAC Slo-BOS
20 September 2015 Exp. Naz di Venezia open class 1st EXC – CAC

“WW Ritzy Girl for Double Creek”