Double Creek


Double Creek Ocean Drive

Page was born from the beautiful mating of our Chica with the beautiful Peppino and she was the little girl of the litter. Fortunately she was tenacious and determined right from the start and then grew up divinely and became an exceptional Aussie.

Page lives with our brothers-in-law Manula and Paolo and with the nephews Davide and Elena who entertain her and who take care of her. We take this opportunity to thank them.

She has excellent bones and a beautiful head and expression, a very fluid and powerful movement with excellent rear thrust. She jumps like a kangaroo, standing still you find her kissing you full in the face !!!!! She is a moderately active person and loves the outdoors and long walks in the countryside, sea or mountains. She is extremely sociable with strangers (I feel like she’s all mother) and with other dogs.

We are very happy and proud of this girl, of her morphology of her, of her excellent temperament and of the excellent bloodlines present in her pedigree.


Color – Black tricolor
Tail – Natural Bobtail
Ad – A Celemasche reading center
Ed – 0 Celemasche reading center
CEA – PRA-HSF4 Clear by Parentage
Teeth – complete and correct with scissor bite


23/06/2018 Expo Naz Udine Juniores class 1 Very Promising
22/07/2018 Expo Naz Piancavallo Juniores Class 1 Very Promising

“Double Creek Ocean Drive”