Double Creek



Our beloved Dante “Daredevil’s Mr Sandman form Staken” won first excellent place in open class Cac, Cacib and BOS

Dante’s granddaughter, our Crazy Happy “Double Creek Accipicchia” won 1 excellent palce in intermedite class CACris e CACIBris

Our future Hope Muttely “Double Creek Chupa Chups” won 2 place in young class CACJris and crazy Margot “Double Creek Dancing Queen” young class 1 vg

Icing on the cake our love Samba (Aussie) Double Creek Electrica Salsa won young class JCAC e JBOB with a super nice critique from Judge.

We are very happy and I thank everyone who came to visit us for a greeting and it was nice to see old friends and new ones.

Special thanks to a special friends Nicoletta,  Ilaria, Alessio, Cristiana, Giorgio, Marta for trust in me and supporting me and for special fun time together