Double Creek


Akswell Olivia

Vivian arrived from Belarus thanks to a real love at first sight. I thank the Akswell kennel for their trust and for entrusting us with this sweetness.

Vivian is very well structured girl with correct top line, good bone and  angulations and excellent movement

The mainly Australian and English bloodlines are renowned and we are happy to have included them in our breeding program.

Nicknamed “la ponga” for her flexibility (sometimes she looks like a cat), she is a girl who is very fond of people and extremely cuddly. She is as beautiful and sooo smart, she  has a nice temper and with those sweet eyes fascinates everyone and makes everyone forgive them. She is very good with other animals even if she is initially a little shy.

If when you come to visit us there is a corgi that “clamps” your ankles, know that it’s her!!!


Date of birth : 25/02/2019
Color : red and white
Tail : natural bobtail
Dm : Carrier by dna test
VWd : Clear by dna test
Fluffy : Carrier by dna test
Eic : Clear by dna test
Cea/Pra/Cataract/Ppm : clear

“Akswell Olivia”