Double Creek


Double Creek Dancing Queen

Margot was born to us from the first litter of our  Vivian (Askwell Olivia) which we imported from Belarus.

The only female of the litter is a little girl who apparently seems all pepper. In fact, her mission is to keep everything and everyone under control, in reality when she has analyzed and understood the situation she is also a very cuddly girl. The father is Ken (Kent Z Piashchotnai Zorki) a very typical Belarusian import with a great temperament.

Margot is a very typical subject with excellent backbone and structure. She has a wonderful movement, very fast and harmonious. It’s a joy to see her move.

Margot is entrusted to the loving care of our friends Ilaria and Alessio who together with Lulla (one of our retired Corgi) spend their time having fun going for walks. I take this opportunity to thank them from the bottom of my heart for their trust and love and for all the attention they have in taking care of these two wonders. If you want to follow them they are also very famous on social media.

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Date of birth : 25/07/2021
Color : red head tricolor
Tail : lunga
Dm : Clear by dna test
VWd : Clear by dna test
Fluffy : Clear by dna test
Hips: B
Elbow: 1

“Double Creek Dancing Queen”