Double Creek


Double Creek Lime Jam

Lime was born by us (L litter) from our sweet Wallis (Double Creek Fairy Smile) and the wonderful Daddy Jeff (Multi Ch. Pemcader Light My Fire) It was entrusted to the dear friend Nicoletta Pizzutti Technician Nutritionist who follows our Kennel about natural feeding weaning of our Welsh Corgi and Australian Shepherd puppies.

Lime spends his time with mum Nico and the big sister Rama, a splendid Corso dog who teaches her the good way. Structurally is wonderful. She is very well proportioned with correct angles, splendid dorsal, anterior and posterior limbs. Head and expression are beautiful and have excellent movement. Naturally is a crazy girl just like Nicoletta and I wanted it thanks to the complicity of her human companion with whom she enjoys doing everything.

She descends from bloodlines of which we have always fallen in love with, starting with the famous grandfather Pemcader Belroyd Zeus, a subject who for years has excelled in the Stud Book of the English stallions. This is demonstrated also by great results and the excellent judgments she received in various international and national dog shows.

Nicoletta and I are very proud of this sweet (when she wants) girl

We take this opportunity to publicly thank to fantastic Nicoletta for how she enjoys herself and how she takes care of our beautiful Lime


Color – Red and White
Tail – long
Teeth – correct and complete scissor bite
Breeder – Double Creek by Antoniazzi Elisabetta
Co-owner – Pizzutti Nicoletta and Antoniazzi Elisabetta


08/12/16 Exp. Int. Of Verona young class 2 EXC
02/02/17 Exp. Int
Reggio Emilia junior class 4 EXC
07/16/17 Exp. Nat. Piancavallo open class – 1 EXC. CAC
13/08/17 Exp. Int. Of Trieste intermediate class – 1 EXC. CAC
14/08/17 Exp. Int. Of Gradisca intermediate class – 1 EXC. Ris CAC and Ris CACIB
10/09/17 Exp. Naz di Treviso intermediate class 1 EXC Res.CAC
17/09/17 Exp. Venice National Open class 1 EXC CAC
Italian Champion

“Double Creek Lime Jam”