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It. Ch. Pretty Woman For Dragonjoy

Lulla is our stunning and cute as a button black-tri girl!

For those into the Corgi universe, her dad’s name is one that needs no introduction: Dragonheart is by all means the Corgi that best represents Italy in Europe. He has been awarded BIS infinite times on an International level, such as at the EDS in Budapest in 2008. He is a stunning dog, with amazing movement.

Her mother, the adorable Saphira, is an outstanding dog herself, with solid structure and beautiful head and expression. She qualified in three different Championships, as well.

Lulla inherited many top features from both her parents: she has beautiful head and expression, she has a very feminine look and is simply adorable.

Her structure is proportioned, with correct back, front and rear angles. From her father she got her outstanding movement and she definitely is the most agile and fastest Corgi in our Kennel, which gained her the nickname “Rocket”.

As for her attitude, Lulla is a willing-to-please and very sweet dog, she loves children and would never quit playing with them. When it comes to other dogs, she prefers to interact with calm and polite ones.

Her herding instinct is very strong and she passed the Herding Capability Test (called TANC in Italy) gaining really amazing results. She enjoyed it so much that she decided to continue her training on a daily basis with our geese!

As far as the conformation shows are concerned, she has always gained excellent results.

She is the Corgi all of our friends and visitors would love to take home with them but we love her so much that we could never let her go!!!

We are extremely proud of our Lulla and we have to thank her breeder, our dear friend Emanuela Scarponi, for trusting us and give us this unique opportunity to have Lulla share her life with us!


Color – Red head tricolor
Tail – long
Cea – Cataract – Pra – Clear
Teeth – correct and complete scissor bite
Tanc – Eligible Very High 01/04/2012
Breeder – Scarponi Emanuela


03/06/12 Exp. Nat. of Vicenza open class – 1 EXC. CAC
24/06/12 Exp. Nat. of Venice open class – 1 EXC. CAC
17/08/12 Exp. Int. Of Gradisca open class – 2 EXC res. CAC and CACIB
04/09/12 Exp. Naz di Treviso open class – 3 MB
12/10/12 Exp. Int. Of Trieste open class – 2 EXC res. CAC AND CACIB
03/11/12 Exp.Int. Insubria Winner open class – 1 EXC CAC and res. CACIB
17/11/12 Exp. Int. Zagreb open class – 2 EXC res. CAC HR
18/11/12 Exp.Int. Zagreb open class – 1 EXC CAC HR
02/12/12 Esp.Int Verona open class – 2 EXC
07/09/13 Esp.Naz Belluno open class – 2 EXC
08/09/13 Esp.Naz Treviso open class – 1 EXC CAC BOS
22/09/13 Exp. Naz Venezia open class -1 EXC CAC
29/09/13 Exp. Int. Bergamo open class – 1 EXC CAC CACIB BOS and becomes Italian champion

“It. Ch. Pretty Woman For Dragonjoy”