Double Creek

Animal Welfare – Priority in our Breeding

We live with predators, maybe not everyone likes it, but it’s true. They have certainly adapted, they have changed habits and attitudes, to coexist peacefully with us, but they always remain animals with specific needs. Our lifestyle now makes everything more difficult, the contact with nature and with our wild and free side, if you can call it like that, now becomes more and more difficult. We are hectic, we always have a thousand things to do and we do not dedicate the time necessary to our well-being, let alone that of our small domesticated wild animals.

Double Creek ‘s Corgis are excellent swimmers
Double Creek Welsh Corgi Pembroke and Australian Shepherd
Corgi, Aussie e Pegaso (our horse)

The dog requires the fulfillment of its needs of species, daily, and we should guarantee it, we could use it as an ‘excuse’ to live better. A dog spurs you to go out every day in nature and breathe, at least for an hour, making stop the frenzy of the daily life. For them, exploring the territory, smelling, imitating the predatory phases is fundamental. Satisfying and relaxing, the daily physical exercise in freedom contributes to the normal psychophysical balance of the subject, but above all to personal growth. All those little problems to be solved, which seem ridiculous to us, like looking for and following a track, skipping an obstacle never seen before, studying a way to reach a point where an interesting smell was felt, are moments that require concentration and cognitive ability, which develop gradually.

Double Creek’s corgi love to swim
Double Creek’s Corgis and Pegaso

The daily walk is therefore not only a moment of release and relaxation for us, it becomes a real formative and reinforcement moment of the dog-man bond. As for us, social relations, in fact, are strengthened by cultivating them, not as a subordinate and superior, but as peers in a constant conversation. Playing, walking, swimming, entering a natural world, which is not the one with which we are often confident, makes us grow, as people and as half of a couple. We care about the health of our subjects, for this reason we are committed to giving the best every day. This is what we also require from the families we entrust our puppies to. Physical activity, healthy life…and great moments of happiness and pleasure!