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We are pleased to announce that on Monday, August 6 were born puppies out of  our beloved Fay (It Ch. But Me No Buts) and Sprout (It Ch. Creslow Masterpiece for Twinan). Free welped Fay gave birth to 6 beautiful puppies, 4 boys and 2 girls all red and white.

Sprout is a very handsome Corgi, recently imported from England. It follows from the great and famous English bloodlines He has a really friendly temperament with strangers. He’s a very impressive  boy but the thing that struck me most of all is the beautiful head and expression, as well as its masculine and strong structure.

Fay is our beautiful topmodel, she comes from prestigious English bloodlines with a wonderful head and expression, and with sweet temperament (see her web page)

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Creslow Masterpiece for Twinan Jw (Ch. Highworth Northen Lights Over Pendrell Jw X Saphina Dance of the Hours)

  • Date of Birth: 25/01/2011
  • Colour: red and white
  • Tail: long
  • dentition: full dention, scissor bite

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It. Ch But Me No Buts * Fay *

  • Colour: red and white
  • Tail: long at birth, docked
  • Cea/Cataract/Pra: Clear
  • Dentition: full dention, scissor bite
  • Herding test: approved, Soliera 29/05/2010

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The puppies will be sold after 60 days from birth, after being vaccinated, wormed and microchipped and they will all have ENCI (FCI) pedigree. All puppies will have long tail. Special attention will be dedicated to socializing the puppies.

We expect to have very sweet and balanced puppies, with excellent and typical morphology and naturally inclined to sport activities, such as sheepdog, expos, dog dance, agility, etc…

Finally, we would really like to thank to Sprout’s owner mrs Guarducci Francesca , for being so helpful and kind in making this wonderful mate possible.

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