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Oliver and Lulla are pleased to announce that the ultrasound confirms the pregnancy and that for the second week of April is expected the happy event.

Our Oliver is an amazon Corgi boy. He’s son of our TESS for DEWY and is the brother of our FAY. He comes out from the great and famous english bloodlines.

Oliver is absolutely striking as far as morphology concerns: excellent body-structure, dorsal, angulation and a wonderful movement, characterized by strong and balanced hindquarter

He has a really friendly with both people and other dogs. She loves to be the center of attention and does everything for her. he’s very handsome dog  and see him working on the sheep is wonderful.

Lulla is our beautiful and sweet tricolor girl. For those who follow the Corgi world the name of his father needs no introduction. Dragonheart is the most representative Italian Corgi at the European level. he was Multi Best in Show winner at the International dog shows. He also won the Best in Show to European Budapest dog show in 2008 and he has a wonderful  movement. Lulla has taken much of the movement of his father, and she is the most speed Corgi in our kennel.

Lulla’s mother , sweet Saphira,  is a very nice and typical subject with a wonderful property, head and expression. Lulla also has a beautiful head and expression, very feminine and sweet. Structurally, it is very well proportioned with correct angles, back, front and rear legs. About Temperament she is very proactive and extremely sweet. Still has a strong character and determination on herding instinct. In the farming practices also on our geese:-))

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It. Ch. By My Side * Oliver  *

  • Date of birth: 29/09/2008
  • Colour: red and white
  • Tail: long at birth, docked
  • Dentition: full dention, scissor bite
  • Cea/Pra/Cataract:Clear
  • Herding test: approved, Soliera 29/05/2010

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Pretty Woman For Dragonjoy * Lulla *

  • Colour: Black Tricolour
  • Tail: long
  • Cea/Cataract/Pra: Clear
  • Dentition :full dentition, scissor bite
  • Herding test :approved, Altissimo 01/04/2012

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The puppies will be sold after 60 days from birth, after being vaccinated, wormed and microchipped and they will all have ENCI (FCI) pedigree. All puppies will have long tail. Special attention will be dedicated to socializing the puppies.

We expect to have very sweet and balanced puppies, with excellent and typical morphology and naturally inclined to sport activities, such as sheepdog, expos, dog dance, agility, etc…

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