Double Creek

Australian Shepherd Puppies “O” Litter

With great emotion and after so long time we are proud and happy to announce the birth of a wonderful litter of australian shepherd. Chica and Peppino are proud to present their australian shepherd puppies born in mid-June
We chose Peppino (‘O Scarrafone Made by Patchwork’) for its beautifully balanced and sweet character and its stunning structure. Corrected in proportions, beautiful head, good bone structure, strongly male structure. He descends from excellent bloodlines and it is for us a great reason for pride to have been able to use him. He is a subject that truly conquers soul and heart thanks to his innate sympathy and desire to please.

What about Chica (WW Ritzy Girl for Double Creek)? She is our delightful, beautiful girlfriend who conquers anyone who knows her. Extremely sweet and with a wonderful character is in fact our shadow and we are delighted to help us in our mini farm. Structurally she’s tis a very well proportioned, extremely feminine subject with great head and expression. His bloodlines are also excellent and come from the best American and Italian breeds (see his page).

I thank  Moroso Daniele (Patchwork Kennel) the owner and breeder of Peppino for this great and wonderful opportunity to use Peppino

‘ O Scarrafone Made by Patchwork * Peppino* ( That’s the Way Made by Patchwork x Multi Ch. Patchwork I Go Crazy for Marsh Mallows)

  • date of Birth 28 LUGLIO 2015
  • HD : A
  • ED : 0
  • Dention :full dention, scissor bite

WW Ritzy Girl for Double Creek * Chica* (Multi Ch. God’s Great Banana Skin x I’m so Beautiful)

  • date o f Birth  20 dicembre 2012
  • HD : A
  • ED : BL
  • MDR1 : +/-
  • Color: blue merle
  • Tail : long
  • Dention : full dention scissor bite

Puppies will be sold after 60/70 days, vaccinated, wounded, chipped, and ENCI pedigree (FCI). Five puppies were born. 2 tricolor females (a long tail and a natural bobtail) and 3 males 2 tricolors and 1 blue merle all 3 natural bobtail. Particular attention will be paid to the socialization of puppies and to their growth with natural diet (barf) with the precious collaboration of nutritionist Pizzutti Nicoletta who will follow us step by step.

We are looking for puppies with a particularly balanced and gentle character, with excellent morphology and typicality with great predisposition and any sporting activities (sheepdog, expo, dog dance, agility etc.)