Double Creek

Ids Padova

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What a day
Our wonderful Dante (Daredevil’s Mr Sandman from Staken) won in Open class 1 Exc CAC and R.CACIB
Our wonderful Winch (Goldenhill proud Astrid) Dante’ s daughter at her First dogs show and at Only ten months of age won 1 Place exc in young class, BOBY and BOS.
But that’s not all because the icing on the cake is that Winch won Best in Show Young for the First race about TOP ITALIAN BRITISH SHEPHERDS 2020
Many many thanks to the Judge Mr. Jeff Luscott (GB) for super nice critique about my dogs
I’m really proud about my kids ❤️❤️❤️
Many congrats also to another beautiful Dante’s son, Corgilandia Balzac (breeder /Owner Fasan Gianandrea) that at the same show won 2 Place Exc in young class whit his handler Bettin Paola
Last but not least the most important thanks to my Double Creek’ s family for help and support.
Whihout you nothing would be so magical  Nicoletta, Martina, Camilla
Congrats to all the winner
Welsh corgi pembroke Winch 10 mesi
Winch vince il Best in Show della prima tappa Top British Shepherd